Practising commitment towards our clients with disabilities through unconditional love and understanding.
Ensuring equality amongst our clients with regards to the provision of services and assistive devices.
Promoting freedom of choice so that individuals can freely demonstrate independence, initiative and self-direction in all that they do.
Treating clients within the scope of rules & regulations governing our professional practise and ensuring our conduct is dignified, fair and objective at all times.
Applying our skills and knowledge rationally when dealing with all our clients.


Our aim is to provide effective and efficient services to individuals with physical and psychological conditions by rendering services that promote rehabilitation, social advocacy, health awareness and counseling.
The practice will become a haven for people who believe they are able to overcome their limitations.
We will instil a sense of purpose and ambition in them, so that they are able to develop their quality of life through their specific occupations and in turn, build an esteemed Therapy Practice.


Ultimately our purpose is to inspire and empower individuals that have been affected by various disabilities.
We pride ourselves in providing the greatest level of expertise and tireless dedication to our clients.

Marianne Williamson (A RETURN TO LOVE)

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadeqaute, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure