Principal Occupational Therapist

Nomalungelo Kwandile Sibiya

About Us

Born in KwaZulu Natal, Principal Occupational Therapist Nomalungelo Kwandile Sibiya is a young, motivated African female.
She completed her Bachelors’ degree in Occupational Therapy at the University of KwaZulu Natal in the year 2013.

In January 2014 she was employed by the Gauteng Health Department as a community service junior therapist at Tsakane Rehab Centre, which is an acute setting. Her role required her to provide and develop occupational therapy services at a community level. As a therapist she was expected to facilitate and implement the following responsibilities i.e. health promotion, prevention and community intervention, clinical work, management of supporting staff, skills development, administration and research.

In February 2015, she was employed as an occupational therapist at BOSASA Youth Development Centre. Essential job functions entailed supervising two centres that ran independently. She facilitated psychosocial, socio emotional, desensitisation and relapse prevention programmes to children that were either in conflict with the law or struggled with substance abuse.

Nomalungelo comes from a family of ambitious, driven, motivated and career orientated individuals. Her flair and love for learning has been influenced by them, as they have played a huge role in the developing her personality. "It is also my dream to reach a doctorate level in my field of study. As past literature has noted; when we engage in occupations such as learning ‘we become’ and from the process of learning ‘we are able to experience’ from such vital and fruitful experiences ‘we become better’’ or should I say, we learn to become masters in our different occupations," she says.

In her prior studies and previous work experience she discovered that she would like to specialise in the field of Medico legal Work and Vocational Rehabilitation.
She says that her past trainings in medico-legal work and workshops attended, will add more value to her experience and overall general development. Ultimately this will equip her to become a better therapist, who is able to build and develop a well structured rehab centre.

Given the exposure and knowledge, she wants to create a lifelong partnerships with companies/firms looking for her services. By accepting this venture you would be providing her a with an opportunity to cultivate and harness her greatness.

"Granted the opportunity I plan to use these skills and knowledge to the best of my ability.  I truly believe vocational rehab specialist are key players in ensuring people with disabilities are able to return back to meaningful jobs. Also their main priority is to make others aware of their capabilities as workers with disabilities. Work is a purposeful, mental or physical activity that produces something of value. By promoting such service our ultimate goal is to omit health barriers and increase independence."