Our Services

Work assessments/visits and Job Analysis

A member from our practise will establish initial communication and rapport with the relevant party. It is here that a clear and, unambiguous purpose will be established. We will be required to ask the employer to provide us with relevant information regarding the client prior to the appointment. Our goal is to ensure the employer is aware of what is it we would like to see and attain.

For the appointment the following steps shall be taken:
•  Set appointment with employer
•  Approximate time required
•  Persons to be consulted
•  Persons to accompany OT
•  Work areas to be visited / equipment required
•  Safety and security issues
•  Other e.g. directions, parking, quiet interview      room etc.

A job analysis is a systematic approach to identify and describe the demands that a job places on a worker.

Hand Injuries

We cater for the following types of hand injuries/illness:
•  Tendon injuries
•  Nerve injuries
•  Amputations
•  Joint replacements etc.

Medico Legal Work

Providing detailed occupational therapy assessment reports that will form a basis for the evaluation of Road Accident Fund claims or serious injury cases.

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is substandard care that’s been provided by a medical professional to a patient, which has directly caused injury or caused an existing condition to get worse. There’s a number of ways that medical negligence can happen such as misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment or surgical mistakes. Medical negligence claims can seem complicated, but we’re here to make the process as easy as possible. Our therapists are trained and equipped to conduct comprehensive asssessments and reports.


These include providing services to children with learning problems, psychiatric conditions and physical disabilities.

Learning difficulties:
In a school setting a child’s progress may be impaired by a number of factors i.e. physical, sensory or developmental factors. Resilience Occupational Therapy for kids assists in the assessment and management of children with learning problems. Our primary aim is to assist children to reach their full potential. The DTVP2, TVPS, VMI, gross motor clinical observations are standardized test that are also used to establish a child’s abilities and limitations. Further to that we provide counselling and educate both the parent and child about the condition.

If a need is identified, the following may be key areas of focus:
•  Recommendation of task adaptations
•  Environmental modification and use of assistive devices
•  Treatment planning with family and educator

Disability assessments or Functional Capacity Evaluations or Medical Negligence

A referral by a General Practitioner or Employer is required.

The process is as follows:

The current employer has to determine the degree or severity of the injury/illness and whether the employee is temporarily or permanently unable to work.
If the employee is temporarily unable to work, the employer is required to investigate the extent of their incapacity and plan for alternative arrangements to be made within their work environment prior to their return to work. Further to that they will need to evaluate current work activities and the subsequent impact based on the severity of the disability using medical evidence.

Substance Dependence

We offer preventative and treatment services to all drug users/ abusers. Please note, Resilience Occupational Therapy, does not offer detox programmes. Victims are expected to seek such treatment from other institutions i.e. hospital, clinics etc. However, all our patients are seen as out-patients.

Physical Rehabilitation

An occupational therapists’ primary responsibility during physical therapy is to optimise the individuals’ independence in performing tasks and increasing their ability to accomplish functionality following an injury/physical disability. Common conditions include:

•  Spinal cord injuries
•  Motor impairments
•  Amputations
•  Disability as a result of motor vehicle accident
•  Stroke etc.


Assessments involve a detailed analysis of performance skills (motor, sensory, cognitive, psychological and social) and the impact of any impairment on the patient’s ability to engage in occupations within a defined environment. Functional assessments are needed to ascertain the patient’s level of independence and provide valuable information on the patient’s residual skills as well as their task performance.


We aim to optimise an individuals’ independence and their ability to engage in everyday activities following an injury or physical impairment. We provide on-site assessments of both home and work environment and give recommendations for suitable adaptations for each to promote a better quality of life.